Make Vernacular Shopping,

A picture is worth a thousand and one words.
Henrik Ibsen
Our Mission


When Your Company Needs to Scale.
Our products keep your company’s scale in mind. We create software that can be personalized and help engagement of customers at scale.


When Your Company Needs Loyal Customers.
Products at AI Mage keep the customers as a priority. Your brand can grow faster by repeating customers. Our goal is to keep them hooked and excited about your brand


When Your Company Needs Fine Software.
Our products are built with finesse. We always have quality and perfomance in out minds. These apps need to enhace the shopping experience and they are capable of doing it 24/7
Why Us

How we do it

Results-Oriented Solutions

Innovative strategies

Our strategies towards solving your problems are unique and delightful. We are very critical about the problem, run multiple research campaigns and end up at not the solution that does the job, but with the perfect solution to solve the problem.
Gain Digital Advantage

Strategic insights

Our solutions are always built with the data first strategy. We ensure that the products give more in return than what they consume, data wise. This data first approach, ensure the inisghts gained are used to better your products and your brand.
From Art to Science

Personalized tactics

Our tactics to solve problems begins with the end customer in mind. We make a creative and enticing products that not only attracts the customers but also encourages them to be more confident in their purchase.
About Us

Who we are

We are a company started out with the rigorous mission of making the Shopping eCommerce experience, second nature nature to everyone.

We are the decisive factor behind your success

We have always believed that to make better products online, visual and media were the key to the problem. With our expertise in AR/VR and AI, our products were to be completely visual and appealing to major audience.
We are in the eCommerce space as we believe the world economy runs on the eCommerce paradigm now and even bigger in the future. This would eventually lead to problems in the usability when brands are focusing their energies on the products they sell, we focus on making them sell easier.
Some of

Our Products