About Us

Welcome to AI Mage

At AI Mage, we build products with AI, AR and VR technologies to personalize the shopping experience of our customers. We intend to give an entertaining, efficient and exciting shopping experience to our customers.

Our Vision

We see the future of retail in a perspective that would be favorable to the modern community. We want the event of shopping to be a community based experience or a private session with closed ones or even an adventure you can go on. The future of shopping will not be a bland experience , but a fun filled one and we intend to be the pioneers who make it happen!

Our Mission

We intend to make shopping an experience and not just a purchase. We want our experience to enable customers to change their perspective of what shopping currently is right now. We would want shopping to be a form of entertainment for customers.

Our Product

Virtual Try-on Clothes and Accessories added with features that add the cherry on top. Enabling the estimation of the correct fit of clothes and accessories, enable the customers to select the right clothes and accessories based on their preferences or the current trend a recommendation engine that keeps you ahead of the curve . We also fuel the resources that  reduce costs in supply chain operations.


Our History

We at AI Mage have combined experience in the fields of AR/VR, Game design, 3D modelling, Animation, Strategic management and investment banking.

Our 6-D Process


Discover the need for the product which will not only increase revenues but also have the customers return to the website over and over again.


Define the need for our solution, by analyzing customer trends and practices and also taking into consideration of the eCommerce platform performance.


Design the perfect solution derived from our products to enable and expedite sales whilst taking care of customer satisfaction.


Develop the custom solution with at most precision and stability, leaving no room for any mishaps.


Deploy the fastest and cost efficient solution, keeping in mind the ease of integration and further maintenance.


Deliver a solution, with nothing less than perfection with a bow on top!

Why Choose Us?

Our design solutions are top notch with Class A engineers working on your solutions

Our support team will make sure that our solution on your platform fits perfectly. We also take care of the software after sales, to ensure perfect results.

Our solutions are designed in the state of the art 3D softwares, using cutting edge technologies, which guarantees pixel perfect results.

We make sure our products get that ROI for you, a lot of research has been undertaken from our end to incorporate customer trends and like into the product design

All the products we have built have 1000s of hours of development and design from brilliant artists and developers, passionate about Virtual Try On